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Lookout for hidden fees!

I really liked this service until I was placing a large food order and noticed high "taxes and fees" I had never noticed this before and came to realize that it appears to be new with no notice from DoorDash. The fees are an additional 20% on top of the $6 delivery charge and tip!!! Be aware

Good service

Good service from drivers and enjoy and credit returned, takes a little longer then they say but food is still hot and delicious.!!

Much better than Postmates

So far so good. We moved back to DoorDash from Postmates and had forgotten what a good service it is and how great food delivery can be. Theyve been on time and the orders still hot and complete. What a difference it makes!

Great service!

All of my orders have been right and usually early.

Faster arrival than expected

I have ordered several times with the app. Our food arrives hot, fresh and usually before the initial projected arrival time. You receive updates on the status of your food thru the process. Will continue to use. Thanks Door Dash!

Its awesome

I always use door dash when I dont feel like cooking and they always come early and take good care of me

Great App, Great Service

In the DFW area, the DoorDash is the best !

Great delivery drives, food is hot and still good fast, and polite

Great delivery drivers, food is hot and still good, fast times, and polite drivers!

Absolute life saver and best food delivery service!

We have a new born and its very difficult to leave home to buy food. Ever since we discovered DoorDash, our lives have transformed. No need to worry about feeding baby and feeding ourselves at the same time anymore. There are so many restaurant options and the app is super easy to use. I seriously dont remember what life was like before DoorDash...oh wait I do, it consisted of me going to pick up food everyday, having to fight through parking lots and waiting in long lines. Thank god those days are over. DoorDash = life changer!

Bad service

Dont use it. Crazy prices. There are better delivery apps.

2 for 2

So far so good. Ive used them twice, my daughter has used them twice and the service has been exceptional. We just ordered our third time and we will see.

So easy!

Very user friendly. Fast and friendly service with a large variety of restaurants to choose from.

Door Dash

Door dash is simply amazing. Out of all the countless time I have ordered food from multiple different places the food has always arrived on time, hot, and the order correct.

Best Service!

So far we have preferred Door Dash to other delivery services. They are quick and easy and our food always arrives warm and fresh!

I use this app slot!

I love this app. I can order whatever I want and have it delivered. Saves me time!!

I wouldnt use any other delivery service!

It first started out as finding some place that would deliver IHOP (they were the ONLY ones). Then they became our go-to delivery service for everything else! I love DoorDash. They save time and are REALLY great at getting back to you and making everything right if something goes wrong on the delivery. Would recommend to anyone. :)


I get the food I love delivered to my door when I want it. Whats not to love? Using this app, Ive learned about a few new restaurants that I hadnt tried before, and as a result have some new favorites. They also feature many local restaurants that Ive ordered from previously, and (yay) dont have to drive in traffic to pick up.

Great time saver

This app is awesome!

Convenient and timely

Although Ive experienced some mistakes, I usually get my food faster than expected. They have also given discounts for the delivery fee, so Ill continue to use them.

Dallas Uptown

This service is great. They were on time.

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